Health and Social services

The NRCS has an important role in delivering social and health related services within local communities complementing health facility based services provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. We support communities, through their community units, to identify and deliver social and health services within their own communities.

Health and care activities in the NRCS include commercial and community based first aid, health promotion, community based epidemic control and disease prevention.

Namibia Red Cross contributes to the reduction of incidences of waterborne diseases through water and sanitation programmes. The National society carries out rehabilitation of boreholes, construction of latrines and hygiene promotion through its network of volunteers.

Namibia RC provides home based care to people affected by HIV and AIDS and TB, including promotion of treatment adherence by the volunteers. Orphans and Vulnerable (OVC) are provided with psychosocial support, education materials such as school uniforms, stationeries. National Society also complements the work of MOH with malaria and immunization activities.

Namibia Red Cross Society

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