Disaster Management

Disaster Preparedness and Response

Disaster management is one of the most important programme of the National Society. Namibia Red Cross has positioned itself to be a humanitarian organization that is ready to save lives and reduce suffering, and reduce damage and losses during disasters. NRCS has disaster response teams at different levels ready to respond to emergencies.

National disaster response teams (24 staff and volunteers) , Community based response teams (10 communities NRCS seeks to be the primary responder to disasters at the community level through mobilization of volunteer units.

Disaster risk reduction

Disaster risk reduction (DRR) interventions of NRCS seek to contribute to sustainable development. DRR offers a major contribution to the building of safer, resilient communities. DRR interventions focus on mitigation, prevention of known disasters such as flooding, seasonal disease outbreaks and droughts.

The National Society establishes Community Based Disaster Risk Management Committees (CDRMCs) and capacitates them in aspects related to disaster risk reduction at community level.

Food Security and Livelihoods

Persistent food insecurity continues to be a chronic problem in Namibia and a key obstacle in the country’s development agenda. Namibia Red Cross works with vulnerable communities to increase their ability to be resilient to withstand the impact of negative shocks through increased food production and diversified livelihood options.

Red Cross provides trainings on best agricultural practices; provides early maturing seeds and other agricultural inputs; and setting up of household and community gardens. Beneficiary of the household quote “the income from this garden is better than office work in Katima Mulilo”.

Restoration of Family Links

Restoration of Family Links (RFL) is part of the National Society’s social services. RFL serves to re-establish and maintain communication links between families separated due to war, internal conflicts and other related factors. Tracing activities which involve staff and volunteers processing Red Cross Messages and tracing requests, are undertaken mainly in Kavango and Caprivi Regions.

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