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You can become one of our volunteers and render humanitarian action in your community. Volunteerism is the backbone of the Red Cross as the Movement has over 97 million volunteers worldwide. Namibia Red Cross Society has close to 4,000 registered volunteers nationwide, and it is believed to be the biggest volunteer based organisation in the country. This enables the National Society to deliver assistance efficiently and effectively. Please join the Red Cross and become a youth volunteer, a professional volunteer or a home-based care volunteer.

Youth volunteers

More than half of the active volunteers in the Red Cross/Red Crescent worldwide are under the age of 30. While the International Federation Youth Policy and Strategy defines the terms "youth" and "young people" from 6 to 30, separating the group into children (5-10), adolescents (11-15) and young adults (15-30), Namibia Red Cross Society mostly consider "youth" up till around 25. Youth volunteers significantly contribute to National Society work, and are an important target group, both in the membership and in the wider society. Young people should play an important role in the leadership and management of the Movement of today and tomorrow.

Mature volunteers

The Red Cross welcomes any qualified professionals to volunteer time or resources/services to the National Society. Any specialist in their field is a professional and may be needed as required. Our home-based care volunteers have to be at least 23 years of age and above. This is because they may be required to work with the terminally ill people. They provide support and care to bed-ridden patients and they are required to visit their clients at least twice weekly for supervisory visits. They receive extensive training from the Red Cross in HIV and AIDS care, treatment and support. These volunteers occasionally work with the bed-ridden and/or the terminally ill.

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